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from the CEO

Our mission is "foster peace of mind, encourage endeavors.” Peace of mind for the future encourages people to pursue endeavors tomorrow. These endeavors will create a better future. Through this virtuous cycle of "peace of mind" and "endeavors," we aim to achieve our corporate vision of "establishing a sustainable social security system.” To that end, we focus on the three pillars of “elderly care,” “disability support," and “childcare.”

For elderly care, we offer services to help elderly people maintain a healthy life. For disability support, we provide support to help those with disabilities access work and facilities and be an active member of society. Finally, for children and their families, we provide safe and educational environments.

In Japan, where the population is declining, we believe that one of the solutions is to reduce the number of people leaving the workforce due to caring for parents, childbirth and childcare, encourage social participation by people with disabilities, and provide children, who will carry the future, with safe and educational environments. We are engaged in business with the aim of creating a social system.

Hirofumi KANEKO



Foster Peace of Mind, Encourage Endeavors.

With the vision of “establishing a sustainable social security system,” Living Platform, Ltd. provides quality services at reasonable prices and suppresses the increase of social security expenses through its business. By supporting people’s daily lives, we enable more people to participate in social activities and the workforce. The peace of mind provided by a social security system encourages us to pursue endeavors, which in turn foster further peace of mind. This virtuous cycle is what we aim for in a sustainable social security system.


Establishing a sustainable social security system

Japan's finances are becoming strained due to the rapidly aging population and declining birthrate. The current social security system may not be the given thing it is in the near future. In order to prevent this change from occurring, Living Platform will provide quality services at reasonable prices. By supporting people's daily lives, we enable more people to participate in society and the workforce and thereby help finance social security.

The peace of mind provided by a social security system encourages endeavors, which in turn foster further peace of mind. We aim for a “virtuous cycle of peace of mind and endeavors” under a sustainable social security system. In continuing to grow our business, we will expand this virtuous circle, develop society in more diverse ways, and propose new affluence to an aging society with a declining birthrate. We will also share the know-how we have cultivated through our business with the world as a valuable asset of Japan.


  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Creativity
  • Innovation and Endeavors

Corporate Governance

Our basic approach to corporate governance is to strengthen and facilitate a management monitoring system that enhances management soundness and transparency, as well as prompt decision-making and appropriate business execution through the establishment of a management control system.

Each of our employees conducts his or her daily activities in accordance with our basic philosophy of "foster peace of mind, encourage endeavors," and we strive to enhance corporate governance in order to maintain the trust of our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

At the same time, in developing our management control system, we will promote the establishment of a monitoring system for business execution and appropriate information disclosure to ensure transparency and objectivity in our business activities.

The Company has submitted a "Report on Corporate Governance" to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Sustainability Initiatives

“Creating a society where everyone can play an active role”
Create a sustainable society and achieve continuous business growth

Amid various social issues becoming increasingly serious, companies are required to address the SDGs, a globally common theme for realizing a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society.

Under the concept of “creating a society where everyone can play an active role,” the Company has identified six themes as its materiality. We aim to construct a sustainable social security system from the private sector by considering social welfare in terms of productivity, capital and labor force.


Realize a society where a variety of people can play an active role

  1. 1.Maximize opportunities for people to work through provision of elderly care, childcare and disability support services
  2. 2.Create education opportunities to develop human resources driving growth
  3. 3.Promote diversity and inclusion of employees and users

Realize healthy and secured lives

  1. 1.Provide social welfare facilities that enable everyone to use them easily and maintain and improve their living standards
  2. 2.Provide social welfare facilities to prevent people from leaving jobs for the purpose of elderly care or childcare of their families

Contribute to sustainable urbanization

  1. 1.Develop facilities in line with the “Compact City” concept
  2. 2.Enhance productivity by realizing an advanced work environment

Contribute to the global environment

  1. 1.Realize a prosperous society through popularization of clean energy
  2. 2.Recycle water at owned facilities

Contribute to social security policy through our services

  1. 1.Build sustainable social security infrastructures
  2. 2.Improve working conditions by achieving an advanced workplace environment

Construct a resilient management base

  1. 1.Secure solid corporate governance
  2. 2.Promote continuous business enhancement
  3. 3.Improve employees’ well-being

Disclosure Policy

1.Information Disclosure Standards

Living Platform, Ltd. (hereinafter, the Company), strives to promptly provide information to shareholders and investors based on the premise of transparency and fairness. The Company endeavors to disclose information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and other applicable ordinances as well as the Timely Disclosure Rules designated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (the “Timely Disclosure Rules”). Aside from such information, the Company also seeks timely and active disclosure of information that is considered to be beneficial in understanding the Company. Furthermore, the Company does not disclose personal information, client information or information that would infringe the rights of related parties.

2.Information Disclosure Methods

Information subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed via the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in principle, such information will also promptly be posted on the Company’s website. In light of the objective of the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company also makes its utmost efforts to actively and fairly disclose information that is not covered in the Timely Disclosure Rules.

3.Prevention of Insider Trading

The Company has established internal regulations in order to prevent insider trading and is promoting thorough understanding and awareness of these rules among officers and employees across the group. Moreover, the Company is working to prevent insider trading by appropriately managing information regarding material information that impacts investment decisions and promptly disclosing information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

4.Future Prospects

Earnings forecasts disclosed by the Company may contain information related to future earnings forecasts. These are forward-looking statements based on the Company's judgments and assumptions in light of the information available to the Company at the time of disclosure and also include variable factors such as economic conditions and other uncertainties. Please be aware that actual results to be announced in the future may change due to these various factors.

5.Quiet Period

To prevent the leakage of financial results information (including quarterly financial results information) and from the perspective of ensuring fairness of information disclosure, the Company has set a quiet period which begins from the day following the end of a fiscal period (fiscal quarter) and ends on the day financial results are announced. During this period, the Company shall refrain from responding to or making comments on questions regarding its financial results and earnings forecasts unless material events subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules have occurred. However, this does not necessarily apply to previously disclosed information.

6.Developing Internal Structure

In complying with this Disclosure Policy, the Company seeks to develop and enhance its internal structure in order to appropriately disclose information in compliance with applicable ordinances and the Timely Disclosure Rules.