Foster Peace of Mind, Encourage Endeavors.

With the vision of “establishing a sustainable social security system,”

Living Platform, Ltd. provides quality services at reasonable prices and prevents the increase of social security expenses through its business. By supporting people’s daily lives, we enable more people to participate in social activities and the workforce. The peace of mind provided by a social security system encourages people to pursue endeavors, which in turn foster further peace of mind. This virtuous cycle is what we aim for in a sustainable social security system.

Business Domains

With the corporate philosophy of “establishing a sustainable social security system,”
Living Platform, Ltd. as a private-sector company offers facilities and services to promote the three pillars of elderly care, disability support and childcare throughout Japan.

Elderly Care

We offer a wide variety of services at reasonable prices for elderly people ranging from those who can live independently to those requiring nursing care.

Disabilities Support

We offer living support and working support for people with disabilities capable of joining the workforce.


We offer nurturing environments for the healthy mental and physical growth of children and educational environments to help them play an active global role.